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Motorized Coolers

You have probably seen a couple of our Scooter Coolers where you are riding on essentially a Motorized Ice Chest at motorcycle rallies. Now you can get your own Rally Cruiser Scooter Ice Chest/Motorized Cooler.

A scooter cooler is perfect to transport beer at motorcycle rallies that don’t let you drive cars on the grounds or from one camp site to another. Another advantage of motorized ice chests is that if you have been drinking it is probably safer than riding around on a 600 pound motorcycle. In addition, a Rally Cruiser ice chest scooters are a lot of fun.

Rally Cruisers come in two different models of coolers that are motorized; one a 300 watt and the other a 500 watt. It is recommended if you weigh over 180 pounds that you get the 500 watt motorized cooler or if you are going to tow one of our ice chests that are non motorized.

The ice chests on both size scooters are the same size 24" Length, 17" Width, 18" Height, each of scooter cooler holds 24 twelve ounce cans with room for enough ice, and both scooters have a top speed of 13 mph (it feels a lot faster and is as fast as you want to go).

motorized coolers and ice chest
Scooter Cooler with Optional Ice Chest Wagon
scooter cooler front view
Motorized Cooler Front and Side
Shown With Optional Seat
motorized cooler inside
Inside Scooter Cooler
300 Watt Scooter Cooler $399
Select Ice Chest Color
500 Watt Scooter Cooler $499
Select Ice Chest Color
Almost as fun as riding your motorcycle!

Both Size Motorized Cooler Features
  • Range: Up to 15 Miles
  • Coolers Top Speed: Approx 13 mph
  • Ice Chest Capacity 24-12oz Cans + Ice
  • Fully Charged: 6-8 hours
  • Recommended Weight: up to 300 lbs
  • Weight Tested up to 620 lbs
  • Ice Chest Alone: 24" Length, 17" Width, 18" Height
  • Total Scooter Size: 33.5" Length, 17" Width, 26" Height
  • Dry Weight: 64 pounds
  • FREE Charger
  • FREE Tool Kit
  • 120 Day Manufacturer's Warranty
  • 180 Day Battery Warranty
  • Scooters Brakes: Disc
  • Variable Speed Throttle
  • Drink Access Lid w/ Holder
  • Hitch for Non-Motorized Cooler
  • Spring Loaded Foot Pegs
  • 2 Batteries- 24 AMP, 24 Volts
  • Made of High Tensile Steel
-Delivered with Full Replacement Part List with 800 Number for Quick Ordering.

Additional Cooler (Un-Motorized) Features

scooter ice chest outside
Ice Chest Tow it or Pull it by Hand
scooter coolers inside Inside of Ice Chest

Ice Chest to Tow $159
Select Non-Motorized Cooler Color

By clicking Add to Cart you are certifying You Have Read and Agreed to the Motorized Coolers Legal Agreement

Expand the room for beverages and be able to have a friend ride on this un-motorized ice chest. This cooler quickly and easily attaches to the motorized cooler with a simple cotter pin.

Additional Cooler (Un-Motorized) Features
  • Ice Chest Size: 24" Length, 17" Width, 18" Height
  • Ice Chest Capacity 48-12oz Cans + Ice
  • Recommended Weight: up to 250 lbs
  • Weight Tested up to 620 lbs
  • Handle to Tow Manually
  • Quickly Attaches to Motorized Ice Chest
  • 120 Day Manufacturer's Warranty

-Rally Cruisers Scooter Cooler FAQ
-Rally Cruisers Motorized Ice Chests Trouble Shooting
-Other Rally Cruisers Electric Scooter Coolers Questions??? E-mail Us at
-Rally Cruisers Motorized Coolers Legal Information
-We ONLY Ship Inside the United States

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