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When you are looking for an aluminum motorcycle trailer or Harley trailers, you need check out Their open motorcycle trailers and aluminum Harley ramps are made specifically to transport and load larger bikes.

If you have ever tried using a cargo trailer to haul a motorcycle that isn’t to transport a large Harley Davidson or other brand motorcycle, you probably have experienced a number of different problems. The first is how to get your bike on the trailer. The first, is to try and find something to use as a make shift ramp. This can result in endless problems up with you getting injured or your motorcycle getting damaged.

The second way to get your bike into trailer that isn’t made to haul motorcycles is get some buddies to help you lift it into the trailer. This is a pain in the ass to try and you have coordinate with your friend’s schedules. Next, you might have to listen to your friends harass you about being too cheap to buy a motorcycle trailer and ramp. Third, it is costing you a lot of money in pizza and beer to bribe your friends. Finally, you still run the risk of dumping your bike.

Once you get your motorcycle to the location, who is going to help that you can trust to help you now? Now if that isn’t an inconvenience enough, wait until you accidentally pick the guy without any common sense and he dumps your Harley.

Instead of going through the above situations, you should just get a real open motorcycle trailer. There are Harley Davidson trailers made so one person can easily load and unload your bike. Some trailers even with a convenient ability to tilt. Once you get your bike on a tilted ramp and role your bike forward, the ramp slowly moves back to being parallel to the ground.

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