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Motorcycle Ramps for Pickup Trucks

Need to find a motorcycle ramp for loading your Harley or other brand bike into your pickup truck? Here is some information on items to consider when selecting motorcycle loading ramps. Before you purchase Ramps let’s look at some of the things you should consider. One of the first questions is whether you should select an aluminum or steel motorcycle loading ramp. You will find that aluminum ones are more than strong enough to hold even the heaviest motorcycles and a large rider.

Since both steel and aluminum have the strength you need, you should think about the advantages of the aluminum ramps. The first advantage of these is that they are obviously a lot lighter. This makes both hooking and unhooking it to your truck a lot easier. It also allows you to get the ramp into the truck bed a lot easier, so once you damage your truck or you bike. Another advantage of aluminum over steel truck motorcycle ramp is that they don’t rust. This will eliminate the clean-up of yourself and your truck.

The next consideration is how easily the ramp fits into your pick-up once you have the motorcycle loaded. You will find that most loading ramps come in sections, but another option is getting a motorcycle ramp specifically designed for a pickup that has hinges between the sections. This eliminates having to keep track of the cotter pins and still maintains the ease of use.

If you have ever tried getting a Harley or a larger size motorcycle in a pick-up, you know that dumping your bike is a big concern. The problem is often there are not sturdy surfaces for both your tires and your feet to give you balance. So you’ll either need to load your motorcycle when friends are available or risk damaging your bike. The amount you pay extra for a well-designed ramp is a lot cheaper than what it will cost to fix the damage to your motorcycle.

With all of this said, you can find the top made ramps at In addition you can find a wide selection motorcycle trailers and carriers as well as ATV ramps.

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