Affordable Motorcycle Insurance

Cheap motorcycle insurance quotes online from where we found the most affordable and low cost motorcycle insurance companies in the USA. Their motorcycle insurance is affordable for your metric bike or Harley Davidson. They give you one of the cheapest online motorcycle insurance quotes you will find anywhere for motorcycles and they are free.

The below motorcycle insurance information is only our observations from our experience of shopping for Harley Davidson motorcycle insurance companies and is not intended to be legal advice.

When looking for cheap motorcycle insurance policy we knew the bare bones policy was just liability, but we found that the cheapest insurance might not have the coverage that was needed. While searching for the most affordable motorcycle policy there were some interesting policy options that we found.

With the large expense of purchasing a Harley Davidson or other street bike, many motorcyclists finance their bike and are subsequently required to have comprehensive insurance to protect the lending companies in the event of loss other than collision. So we just spent $25K on a Harley and although it was important to get motorcycle insurance cheap we found that there were a lot of other things to look for. Also required if you finance a motorcycle is collision insurance in the event that we were at fault and damaged or destroyed the Harley.

An important option that many affordable insurance companies provided when looking to cover a Harley Davidson or other brand road bike was accessory coverage. Some of the first things that happen to any Harley Davidson style bike is customizing. Now we were dumping in even more money which made affordable motorcycle insurance a must. So when getting a Harley insurance quote it was found that newly added chrome, upgrade parts, and accessories could be insured. It was an option from companies with even the cheapest motorcycle insurance policy.

It was interesting on how custom motorcycles were insured. Whether a bike started as a stock Harley Davidson and has been significantly customized or a custom motorcycle built from the ground up, there are insurance companies that have an agreed upon value coverage option. Since there isn’t a Blue Book value on a significantly modified or custom bike you had to go with a custom motorcycle insurance policy. This type of insurance gives you an agreed upon value or a fair market value. There is a big difference.

With the first type of motorcycle insurance policy you know a specific dollar amount and with the second motorcycle insurance policy you will not know until you put in an insurance claim. If you chose the second and affordable motorcycle insurance policy, it is good to make sure that you are not underinsured or over insured on a regular basis. You needed some pictures and an appraisal to get a free quote

An important for us because of our motorcycle travels across the USA was roadside assistance. When searching for low cost affordable insurance for our metric motorcycle and our Harley Davidson, we looked on our quote to see if the coverage includes 24 hour emergency road service. We found that road service is sometimes free or is one of the cheapest upgrades on a motorcycle insurance policy. Many will offer twenty-four hour towing and roadside service like jumping a battery, changing a tire, or providing emergency gas. Although we really wanted to get motorcycle insurance cheap, the security of not having to worry about sitting on the side of the road, certainly made the marginal increase in the motorcycle insurance affordable in our mind.

Because of the huge bills that can incur when in a motorcycle accident the uninsured or underinsured motorist insurance was a must for our quote, not only to protect against bodily injury but also to replace our expensive Harley.

When shopping for Harley Davidson motorcycle insurance there were a number of options that because of our circumstances we did not pursue like medical payments, passenger liability insurance, and some other options. Obviously there are endless variables based on your unique circumstances, so shop around, and ask questions; but in our situation we found the most affordable motorcycle insurance policy with what everything we needed. Plus, it is quick, easy, and free.

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