The Biker's Special Children's Foundation is a 501 C3 tax deductible bikers non-profit and we are one of the few national charities that 100% of the money generated goes to our cause, helping children in need.
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How We Work

We decided to approach generating funds for our through having advertisers who pay us to advertise on our site and by selling a limited amount of biker shirts and stickers. This way we are able to capture additional money for our non-profit organization that traditionally does not go towards children’s tax deductible charities.

Some good news is that we have no expenses because the guys at donates the shirts and stickers we sell and even pays for the shipping. In addition, Lightning Customs Motorcycle Rally Info Site do most of the website work and donate a significant amount of money and products to help us help kids.

Ways You Can Help us Help Kids

1. Just Visit Our Advertisers When you need a motorcycle related product simply visit our site first, click on an advertiser’s banner, buy something you need, and we get credit for the purchase. For every 10 motorcycle enthusiasts who commit to doing this for a year we estimate that this will generate $500. So please make that commitment to help us help kids. 2. Request Small Flyers to put in your business by contacting
3. Buy a Bike Shirt or Sticker
4. Tell a friend
5. Link to us by contacting
6. Visit for your entire rally information needs because we are now a partner! This is the only place on the internet where you can find extensive information on the largest rallies and you can also find a huge list of all different size rallies.

Thank you for Helping Us Help Kids,
The Biker's Special Children's Foundation

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