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Cheap Bike Insurance

When it comes to finding a really inexpensive motorcycle insurance policy you have heard and seen all of the ads that refer to "affordable" bike insurance. There are a lot of discounts available lower the cost, but what really matters to you?

First, some of the different discounts offered are for safe riders, completing motorcycle safety courses, insuring multiple bikes, anti-theft devices, ABS being installed on a bike, and renewing your policy.

So if you are truly looking for a "cheap" policy to keep the law happy and/or the company happy that financed your bike, looking for the least expensive policy works and is easy to get. Just cut to the minimum types of coverage and get the maximum deductibles (but remember if there is a claim you will be paying that deductible).

If you are getting bike insurance not only to keep the law happy and the company who financed your motorcycle happy, but also in the even that you need it, the insurance shopping is not so simple. You can compare what types of coverage you are getting and what amount of benefit you get with each type of coverage, but once you sign a policy and make the first payment is when things can get tricky.

By "tricky" we mean from having things not going good once you need to have the insurance company pull money out of their pocket/pay for what they said they would to a nightmare. It is not so simple and this is where you will find out if you got cheap motorcycle insurance.

The best way to know is to talk to your friends who ride and talk to a lot of them about experiences they have had when filing a claim. Having been the person purchasing insurance for 25 years and having had claims my experience has been from a great experience where everything went smooth to a nightmare. For obvious reasons I can't publish which companies I bought cheap bike insurance and which companies I bought was affordable motorcycle insurance, but just like if you asked me in person I would have distinctive situations and opinions, so will your friends.

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